Travel and Hospitality Expense Reports

Vollman, Kenneth W., Chief Executive Officer  

Direct Travel Expenses
2006-09-02 to 2006-12-01 Reporting Period

IDDate(s)PurposeTotal Cost
41609-24 to 10-06Mackenzie Gas Project Hearing$3,269.22
41910-08 to 10-11To speak at the World Forum on Energy Regulation III$2,770.11
43410-31 to 11-01Meeting with Minister$3,114.74
45411-21 to 12-07Mackenzie Gas Project Hearing$5,287.62
Acting Travel Expenses
2006-09-02 to 2006-12-01 Reporting Period

Direct Hospitality Expenses
2006-09-02 to 2006-12-01 Reporting Period

IDDateDescriptionTotal Cost
40409-11Coffee for Members Meeting$38.16
40509-11Coffee for Members Meeting$38.16
40610-24To participate in event to acknowledge Energy Person of the Year$2,650.00
41009-20Working lunch to discuss project update$53.00
41109-14Coffee for orientation meeting for new Board Members$25.44
41209-14Internal Orientation for New Board Members.$109.71
41309-15Refreshments and snacks for Members Meeting.$128.04
41409-11External Orientation for New Board Members extended over lunch period.$84.95
42010-14Event to Welcome New Board Members$999.96
42310-19Coffee for Members Meeting$38.16
42409-21Environmental Specialists Meeting$109.55
42509-21Environmental Specialists Meeting$69.43
42710-16Coffee for Members Meeting$50.88
42810-30Coffee for Members Meetings$72.32
42910-18Board Members Retreat$409.00
43311-03Refreshments for Meeting of Members$31.59
44511-16Lunch for Members Meeting extended through lunch.$261.58
44611-20Coffee for Members Meeting$25.44
45110-30Members Meeting extended over lunch$213.26
Indirect Hospitality Expenses
2006-09-02 to 2006-12-01 Reporting Period

(Expenses by others and charged to a reporting position)

IDDateDescriptionTotal Cost
42109-13General discussion about the energy industry.$70.70
42609-24CAMPUT discussion$55.76
42210-12General discussion about the energy industry.$62.59
44010-30Meeting with outside party.$28.38
43911-16Meeting with external party$53.57
44911-23Meeting with outside party.$77.17
Acting Hospitality Expenses
2006-09-02 to 2006-12-01 Reporting Period

(Expenses while acting in a reporting position)

* Total includes all applicable taxes.

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