Compliance Verification Activity Report: CV1920-502 - TransCanada Energy Ltd., NOVA Gas Transmission Ltd.


Compliance verification activity type: Field Inspection

Activity #: CV1920-502
Start date: 2020-02-10
End date: 2020-02-12


Regulated company: TransCanada Energy Ltd., NOVA Gas Transmission Ltd.

Operating company: TransCanada Pipelines Limited

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Rationale and scope:

Inspection of the North Montney Mainline Project construction including approximately 206 km of mainline with a focus on Spread 4 (Kahta Section), 24 km of NPS 42 pipeline and related facilities, from KP 0+000 to KP 23+476. This inspection was recommended by staff based on previous activities occurring on North Montney Main Line construction, and includes a crossing of the Blueberry River.

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Observation 1 - Kahta Section

Date & time of visit: 2020-02-11 10:51

Discipline: Environmental Protection




Kahta Section

According to the construction schedule, grading, stringing and mechanical works were being performed on the right-of-way (RoW) while the inspection was being undertaken.  The weather and road conditions at the time of inspection were not ideal: roads were covered with compact snow and ice, moderate traffic, the temperature was approximately -7 Celsius, the ground was snow covered and it snowed intermittently throughout the day.  The inspection began and ended approximately at KP 23 and KP 5 respectively, between 10:50 - 15:30 hrs.

KP 23+400 - Boring Operations - 10:50 hrs
Inspection team observed boring operations being completed under secondary road.  The work site was clean and organized, safety fencing was secure, proper signage was in place, snow fencing was installed correctly and was functioning as intended.

Road 11 - Backfill Crew - 10:56 hrs
Bending crews and poor boy welding crews were observed working at this location.  In addition, laborers were spotting equipment, shading pipe and repairing jeeps.  The worksite appeared to be clean and free of garbage and debris.  The soil and sub-soil piles were well defined, separated and color coded to make them easily distinguishable in the field.  Work trucks were diligent of RoW road conditions and adhered to designated speed limits.

Road 11 - Fabrication Crew - 11:05 hrs
In addition to welding, cutting and grinding operations being observed, a backhoe operator was digging out the riser site, manual and mechanical snow removal was occurring, and sidebooms were hoisting and rigging pipe.

Road 10 - Pipegang Crew - 12:03 hrs
Sidebooms were observed lifting and maneuvering pipe and shacks for pipe set up operations.  Welding activities were occurring concurrently on site.  Workers were observed to be wearing traction aids due to work conditions (compact snow, ice, and steep topography).  A clean-up crew was also observed to be maintaining a tidy and clutter free work site.

KP 13+410 - Crossing at Unnamed Tributary to Townsend Creek - 12:49 hrs
The temporary crossing structure was appropriately sized and installed as per temporary clear span bridge specifications in the Environmental Protection Plan (EPP).  The approaches to the temporary bridge appeared to be stable and the filter-cloth covered curb on the edges of the bridge deck were intact and prevented snow and debris from entering the stream channel.  The sediment fencing along both approaches was installed correctly and well maintained.  A spot check on a 210 L Spill Kit storage drum identified that the proper type and amount of materials (i.e. sorbent materials, poly, shovel) was being stored on site for easy and quick access in the event of a spill.

KP 13+440 - Game Trail / Soil Pile Break - 12:56 hrs
Just south of the crossing at the unnamed tributary to Townsend Creek, the inspection team observed one of the many game trail openings in soil stock piles.  Signage was visible and secure, and the game trail crossing was well maintained and wide enough for multiple large ungulates to pass through at one time.

Road 4 - Tie-ins / Poorboy Crew - 13:09 hrs
An excavator was observed digging the ditch and ripping frost.  Poorboy welding was also occurring.  Other crew members were installing rock guard, jeeping pipe and reinforcing a ditch plug with bentonite bags.  Clean work site - no refuse or drips spotted on the ground.

KP 10+600 - Top of Steep Slope Leading Down to Non-Classified Drainage (Muskeg) - 13:16 hrs
Proper signage securely posted and clearly visible as driver approaches steep slope: 1) Hazardous Slope, and 2) No refueling within 100 m of watercourse.  For safety concerns, the inspection team did not travel down the steep slope by vehicle.

KP 6+193 - Blueberry River Crossing - 14:18 hrs
Due to safety concerns with the volume of large equipment and personnel working in close proximity to the river, the inspection team could not observe sediment and erosion control measures up close.  Work observed at the site included sidebooms lifting and maneuvering pipe, pipe set up, and welding activities.

KP 5+283 - Class S6 Stream Crossing (non-fish bearing) - 14:59 hrs
Clean up crew was observed performing snow and clay work near the S6 crossing.  Clean work site with no sediment or erosion issues identified by inspection team.

Road 2 - Backfill Crew - 15:30 hrs
The crew at this site installed ditch breakers, shaded and backfilled the ditch, and were shaping the centerline roach.  Traction aids were observed being worn by crew members on site. 


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