Compliance Verification Activity Report: CV2122-029 - Enbridge Pipelines Inc.


Compliance verification activity type: Field Inspection

Activity #: CV2122-029
Start date: 2021-07-19
End date: 2021-07-23


Regulated company: Enbridge Pipelines Inc.

Operating company: Enbridge Pipelines Inc.

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Rationale and scope:

This inspection verified Enbridge's compliance to the Environmental Protection Program and other specific Operational-phase procedures related to environmental protection at aboveground facilities in Saskatchewan and Alberta. Primarily, pump stations and meter stations in SK were inspected along the Line 93 (operating pipeline which was constructed during the Line 3 replacement project).

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Regulatory requirements

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Observations (no outstanding follow-up required)

Observation 1 - Aboveground facilities: Regina to Hardisty

Date & time of visit: 2021-07-20 10:30

Discipline: Environmental Protection




The Inspection Team visited the following facilities across Saskatchewan and Alberta. The focus was on pump stations, though one meter station and one terminal were also included in the inspection:

Langbank (pump station)
Glenavon (pump station)
Rowatt (pump station)
Stony Beach Take-off (meter station and tank storage)
Craik (pump station)
Cactus Lake (pump station)
Hardisty (terminal)
At each station, the Inspection team toured the facility and inspected within the general scope of environmental protection. The overarching intention was ‘spot checking’ Enbridge’s compliance in operations with the standards/procedures within its Environmental Protection Program (EPP). The observations below are grouped by theme and are representative of the ‘spot checking’ at all seven facilities visited:

General Housekeeping

Hazardous Materials Management and Waste Management
Sump Tank maintenance
Stormwater managementNesting Birds on Facilities 
Potable water management
Vegetation Management
Internal Environmental InspectionsOverall, Enbridge staff demonstrated compliance with the aspects of the Operational EPP and the Standards (procedures) inspected, specific to the subject matter described above. There were no non-compliances to the company EPP or applicable CER regulatory requirements observed during this field inspection.

Compliance tool used: No compliance tool used

Observations (company follow-up required)

Identified non-compliances to company plans or procedures are non-compliances either to:

- the condition of an authorization document that requires the implementation of that plan or procedure; or

- the relevant section of the regulations that requires implementation of that plan or procedure including those sections that require implementation of plans or procedures as a part of a Program