Compliance Verification Activity Report: CV2223-039 - Enbridge Pipelines Inc.


Compliance verification activity type: Field Inspection

Activity #: CV2223-039
Start date: 2022-06-13
End date: 2022-06-17


Regulated company: Enbridge Pipelines Inc.

Operating company: Enbridge Pipelines Inc.

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Rationale and scope:

Operations and maintenance (O&M) field inspection to assess reclamation of the Edmonton to Hardisty Pipeline Project. The five year reporting period completed in 2020, and the Post Construction Monitoring Reporting (PCMR) condition filing is closed. The scope of the inspection aimed to verify that the conditions of the 181 kilometer Right-of-Way are consistent with what has been described in the final year report, and that issues marked as 'unresolved' are being managed in accordance with Company O&M requirements and best practices.

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Regulatory requirements

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Observations (no outstanding follow-up required)

Observation 1 - General Observations

Date & time of visit: 2022-06-14 09:00

Discipline: Environmental Protection




General Observations on the Right-of-Way (ROW) occurred from June 14 - 16, 2022, between kilometre posting (KP) 181.000 - 3.000, with the direction of the inspection starting in Hardisty, AB and ending within Edmonton city limits. Periods of heavy rainfall were persistent during the inspection week, creating some access issues. Access to private property was also challenging for some locations. However, the Inspection team was able to inspect a diverse range of reclaimed areas along the project ROW with several observations made in the following categories:

General ROW Conditions  

Weeds Subsidence and Contouring Erosion and Sediment Controls (ESC) Wetlands Watercourse Crossings    
Overall, based on the sites visited during this inspection, reclamation of the ROW is on an appropriate trajectory in pasture and agricultural lands as well as at watercourses and wetlands traversed by the project. 



Compliance tool used: No compliance tool used

Observation 2 - CNC.1 Waste Management

Date & time of visit: 2022-06-16 14:02

Discipline: Environmental Protection




Two instances of non- compliance were observed:
1) At Goldbar Creek, erosion and sediment control fencing remains in place post construction and is no longer required. Fencing observed in an unmaintained state, overgrown with vegetation and no longer serving its purpose. 

2) Near KP 53, fragments of geotextile fabric were observed buried in the soil, with several pieces exposed and visible. Company personnel made efforts to collect any visible pieces and dispose of them. Some fragments will require equipment to effectively remove from the ground and were added to the company deficiency list for follow up.   

Compliance tool used: Corrected Non-compliance (CNC)

Regulatory requirement:

Relevant section(s):

Company action required:

The Company will complete the following actions:

Due date: 2022-07-29

Date closed: 2022-07-19
Note: the date closed is the date that the inspector completed their review of the company corrective actions for adequacy and determined that no further actions are required.

Reason closed: Requirement met

Compliance achieved: Yes

There are no observations with outstanding follow-up

Observation 3 - IR #1 - Noxious weeds

Date & time of visit: 2022-06-16 11:48

Discipline: Environmental Protection




Weeds, and noxious weeds are noted at intermittent areas along the Right-of-Way. The five year post-construction monitoring report identified several areas where weed management is still an ongoing issue for operations and maintenance. Some locations observed have densities of noxious weeds not accurately captured in the report, or which are newly emergent including:

KP 32.340 - Multiple highly density clusters of Canada Thistle observed on ROW, as well as individuals across the corridor.  

On 19 Sep 2022 Enbridge provided additional information regarding the nature of this issue, following review of the information the CER IO determined that rather than a firm determination of non-compliance, additional information is required. This NNC was rescinded. Please refer to IR#1.


Compliance tool used: No compliance tool used

Observations (company follow-up required)

Identified non-compliances to company plans or procedures are non-compliances either to:

- the condition of an authorization document that requires the implementation of that plan or procedure; or

- the relevant section of the regulations that requires implementation of that plan or procedure including those sections that require implementation of plans or procedures as a part of a Program

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