Compliance Verification Activity Report: CV2223-103 - Trans Mountain Pipeline ULC


Compliance verification activity type: Field Inspection

Activity #: CV2223-103
Start date: 2023-03-13
End date: 2023-03-15


Regulated company: Trans Mountain Pipeline ULC

Operating company: Kinder Morgan Canada Inc

Province(s) / Territory(s):


Rationale and scope:

TMEP Inspection of Spread 5A, including the Coldwater River DPI

Compliance tool(s) used:

Facility details


Regulatory requirements

Regulatory requirements that apply to this activity:

Additional Project-specific requirements or conditions:

OC-65 - Condition 111

Observations (no outstanding follow-up required)


Date & time of visit: 2023-03-31 13:35

Discipline: Integrity Management




Review of documentation/records:

Overall, the repair rate is to date 2.79%. TMEP mentioned that the most repairs occur on the HSC Girth Weld and heavier walls (+19 mm). TMEP provided some welding repair statistics (see picture “Welding activities Dashboard”).

TMEP provided the CER with actual welding activities WPS and WPDS for mainline welding and repairs.
CER IOs reviewed the following documents:

CER IOs checked the alignment between WPS, PQR and WPDS. The only noticeable difference is that on the WPS the maximum interpass temperature (Tmax) is 181 C but 200 C on the WPDS. However, following TMEP's response to condition 111, TMEP qualified the procedure with reference to CSA Z662 Annex K, Table K-1 where essential variables such as interpass temperature can change up to 50 C more than Tmax when Tmax in the WPS is less than 200 C (181 C in the WPS). CER IOs found both documents were aligned.
Lowering-In plan Spread 5A (see picture “Lower In plan Spread 5A.jpg”):
Backfill and compaction plan Spread 5A (see picture “Backfill and compaction plan Spread 5A.jpg”):
HDD execution plan Coldwater 2 (see picture “HDD execution plan Coldwater 2.jpg”):
CER IOs reviewed the document and noted several points to be verified in the field: SITE VISITS:

Bending (AK 12 +200) (see picture “Bending activities”):
Welding (AK 17+800) (see picture “Welding activities”):
Backfilling (AK 16 +220) (see picture “Backfilling site”):
CER IOs note the following:
HDD Rig 3 Site Visit (KP 966 + 500):
CER IOs note the following:

Compliance tool used: No compliance tool used

Observations (company follow-up required)

Identified non-compliances to company plans or procedures are non-compliances either to:

- the condition of an authorization document that requires the implementation of that plan or procedure; or

- the relevant section of the regulations that requires implementation of that plan or procedure including those sections that require implementation of plans or procedures as a part of a Program