Compliance Verification Activity Report: CV2223-160 - Westcoast Energy Inc.


Compliance verification activity type: Emergency Response Exercise

Activity #: CV2223-160
Start date: 2022-10-18
End date: 2022-10-19


Regulated company: Westcoast Energy Inc.

Operating company: Enbridge Inc.

Province(s) / Territory(s):


Rationale and scope:

[Verify response capabilities during WEI's tabletop exercise in Hope, BC on the Southern Mainline.]

Compliance tool(s) used:

Facility details


Regulatory requirements

Regulatory requirements that apply to this activity:

Observations (no outstanding follow-up required)

Observation 1 - Westcoast Tabletop Exercise: Flood Arial Crossing

Date & time of visit: 2022-10-18 08:00

Discipline: Emergency Management




On October 18-19 October 2022, a Canada Energy Regulator (CER) emergency response exercise evaluation team attended the Westcoast Energy Inc. (Westcoast) tabletop exercise in Hope, British Columbia. The evaluation team included 2 CER Inspection Officers. Other attendees included the Hope RCMP, Hope Fire Department, District of Hope emergency planner, and representatives from the Trans Mountain Expansion project.

The stated purpose of the exercise, as found in the Participant’s handbook, was “…To familiarize Westcoast Operations staff and supervision and local emergency response agencies in a response to a Westcoast Pipeline security incident.” This was designed to be a training exercise to allow for greater learning among staff and familiarization with local agencies. The exercise included the following components:

Observation #1

The scenario for this exercise was a protest group accessing Westcoast’s property and facilities. During the protest, there is a serious injury to one of the protesters and a release of product through protesters turning valves within a secured area. The response to these events then involves local RCMP, Fire Department and Enbridge responders for roles in site security, medical response and safe response to impacted Westcoast assets.

CER staff evaluated aspects of the following elements: No non-compliances were identified during this exercise. Through CER staff evaluation of the elements listed above, it was noted that the company response actions were executed according to the Westcoast T-South Emergency Response Plan, Area Security Response Procedures ad other supporting documentation from the Emergency Response Application.

Observation #2

CER staff and Westcoast staff discussed the value of greater exposure and training opportunities for Westcoast staff to software programs, such as IAP, that may be used in a response. This would benefit Westcoast staff’s familiarity with the software and avoid potential inefficiencies during an actual emergency.


Compliance tool used: No compliance tool used

Observations (company follow-up required)

Identified non-compliances to company plans or procedures are non-compliances either to:

- the condition of an authorization document that requires the implementation of that plan or procedure; or

- the relevant section of the regulations that requires implementation of that plan or procedure including those sections that require implementation of plans or procedures as a part of a Program