Crude oil and/or refined petroleum products - Pursuant to Part III, s.28 of the National Energy Board Part VI Oil and Gas Regulations.

This application form is appropriate only for applicants who wish to apply for short-term light[1] and heavy crude oil[2] and/or refined petroleum products (typically heavy fuel oil, middle distillates, jet fuels, motor gasolines, and partially processed oils) of up to one year.

Crude oil and/or refined petroleum products short-term export order application submission deadlines:
  • No deadline for applicants requesting an order for the current calendar year.
  • The deadline for applicants requesting a one- or two-year order starting January 1 of the following calendar year is the first business day of November of the current year.

Submitting an application online is a three-step process:

1. requested export order - product type and term
2. applicant contact information
3. review and submit


A session will time out after 45 minutes of inactivity.

[1] Light crude oil - density less than or equal to 875.7 kg/m³
[2] Heavy crude oil - density more than 875.7 kg/m³